Natural Selection Partner Application

So you want to become apart of the Community chest?

Natural Selection is the ONLY Farmers Market in a Box that Solely
Promotes and Features Small Local Businesses. We do this through our Monthly Community
Chests – The Farmers Market In a Box. Each month your Company and products will be featured
in our Community Chest alongside a Full Company Bio that allows new Customers to Meet You
INSIDE the Box!

Benefits of Being a Partner.

The Amazing Part of being a Natural Selection Partner is that it’s a Win/Win any way you slice it. We Don’t just Talk the Talk, we also Walk the Walk – Meaning that instead of asking for Free Products, Natural Selection Purchases all Partner Products. We do this to Support our Partners on the front end and make sure that you’re not losing any revenue. The BIGGEST  benefit however comes from the fact that we do not resell any of our Partners Products, instead we promote your Local Small Business and give all of our

Get your products in the Community Chest!