Franchising 101 with Tim Pickwell

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Everything you never asked to know about the franchise business is covered in this conversation between Ray Gillenwater and our franchise attorney, Tim Pickwell. If business legal minutia gets your engines revving, we feel sorry for you, but the good news is you may enjoy this podcast episode. And for those of you that say we’re boring…this episode is evidence that you are indeed correct.

  • 01:02 Franchise attorney
  • 02:54 How SS Gyms operates vs others
  • 05:42 Cash flow positive
  • 06:49 Franchisee success and treatment compared to others
  • 09:36 Majority of revenue from royalties
  • 12:16 Maintaining quality and growing as slowly as we need to grow
  • 20:30 Relevant regulations and why they were created
  • 27:11 Federal Trade Commission
  • 31:34 North American Securities Administrators Association
  • 36:56 Are the FDD and laws obsolete?
  • 39:49 No SS Gyms in California and New York
  • 44:50 Thank you to our members
  • 46:11 How many franchise companies are self funded?
  • 48:21 40 gyms is the magic number
  • 48:51 What could we do better?
  • 51:19 Ray Kroc
  • 51:58 Good things to come
  • 57:35 We love transparency

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