FDA Approves First OTC Birth Control Pill

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Statement from Beth Battaglino, RN-C CEO, HealthyWomen, regarding access to oral birth control:

The FDA approval of the first over-the-counter (OTC) progestin-only oral contraception, Opill, is an important step toward dramatically increasing access to birth control across the country. Reflecting the robust body of scientific evidence, HealthyWomen supports OTC access to hormonal contraceptives for women and people assigned female at birth and the right of all individuals to access comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services to make choices that meet their own needs.

Although some legislative approaches have increased access in some states, requirements such as pharmacy disbursement still remain barriers for many. Given the scientific evidence showing access to OTC contraception can be accomplished safely, the FDA’s approval will help mitigate barriers, empowering more people to control their own reproductive futures, including avoiding unplanned pregnancy.

However, Opill must be affordable, a major factor toward ensuring that women, especially those without health insurance, are able to access this new option.

HealthyWomen will continue to provide leadership through policy advocacy and consumer and HCP education, and to support research related to innovative strategies to expand access, safety and affordability of hormonal contraceptives.

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